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Girls Team

See the "Volunteer Sign-Up" tab in Shutterfly to sign-up for a food donation,
helping setup, etc..  Thank you!                             

 9/10Pasta Party  NJH FACS Rm 413
 9/11Concessions  NJH
 9/15 Pasta Party NJH FACS Rm 413
 9/22 Pasta Party NJH FACS Rm 413
 9/23 Concessions NJH
 9/23 Senior Recognition HHS Cafeteria
 10/1 Pasta Party NJH FACS Rm 413
 10/22 Pasta Party NJH FACS Rm 413
 11/5 Pasta Party NJH FACS Rm 413

Pasta Parties:

Rather than remembering where parties are each week, the team has reserved FACS Rm 413 @NJH for each event.  Unless otherwise communicated, Pasta Parties all take place there.

Hosts are welcome to customize the party to your taste, but traditionally pasta is served. A main-course vegetarian option is available.  The host family prepares the main, hot food and we seek donations for all other items. Some families do all spaghetti with sauce /meat (optional), some families have baked pasta instead of, or even a different type of main dish in addition to the spaghetti...it's up to you.

The girls begin arriving at 6:00 and most are done by 6:40.  Having hot dishes of pasta ready to come directly out of the oven, or boiling water with a pasta-strainer to quickly warm pre-cooked noodles, or using a large roaster to hold the warm pasta from 5:00-6:00 is recommended. Using a large crock-pot for the sauce, and meatballs if you have them, with hot backup sauce and meat ready to refill works.  2 volunteers working with the hot food, bread and salad, one volunteer helping with beverages and monitoring desserts has been helpful.  Any additional volunteers can help empty trash, refresh seating area or whatever is needed to keep things running smoothly.  The girls should clean up after themselves, and generally take care of themselves.

Pasta parties are a team-builder in many ways for parents as well as swimmers and divers.  Good luck and have fun!